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Quantum Inc. can help in many web fields like web hosting, website design using all available software and tools, development, graphic design, Web marketing, blog site development, banner services and web presence, Survey, wikis and more.


Quantum provides full service computer solutions to our customers, also we offer Internet connectivity and World Wide Web (WWW) services. Dialup SLIP/PPP, ISDN as well as dedicated high speed leased lines are currently offered. Subscribers can use individual dialup accounts to send and receive e-mail, access the Web and explore the Internet for all that it has to offer.


Quantum can register a company's domain name and provide an e-mail gateway to the Internet that is tightly integrated with the current LAN e-mail system, such as Microsoft Mail. Quantum's extensive experience in LAN/WAN systems integration enables the Quantum staff to help determine the right level of Internet connectivity for an organization. Quantum can also land an organization on the Internet map by designing and housing a home page that does not expose an organization to security issues, staffing expenses and equipment investment.

Websites Design

We are offering our customers an easy-to-use complete portal for the acquisition, deployment and management of their IT products.

Hosted Services

Quantum Inc. provides networking solutions which are best-of-breed solutions that harness the power of convergence and accelerate business growth at a lower total cost of ownership.

Cloud Computing

We are committed to helping you maximize the benefits from cloud computing while ensuring that your unique technology and business requirements are met.

E-Commerence Services

Our state-of-the-art eCommerce solutions enable you to provide customers with more online payment options and safer transactions for a more satisfying shopping experience.

Social Media

Quanum Inc. supports backups of Windows, Mac and Linux machines taking care of the compatability with all Backup technologies and applications.


We provide Graphic Design Services For our Clients..



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