Access Control

Feel Safe with Greater Access Control at the Door

Quantum's access control system heightens your organization's security and increases your readiness to respond to incidents, all while leveraging your existing network and security equipment investments. With sophisticated security functionalities and support for an ever-growing number of third-party access control devices, you can count on Quantum to make your switch to a leading IP system.


Quantum provides efficient workflows and greater automation through its unified interface, ensuring that more time can be spent monitoring critical tasks, rather than administrating software.



Rapidly Response to Security Issues and Threats

Quickly react to different security conditions and dynamiclly change access control and cardholder rights at any time, using Quantum to better handle hightened security situations.

Receive Instant Alarm Notifications

Automatically Trigger alarms and immediately route them to the right people based on your rules. Even when away from the office, security personnel can be notified via e-mail or directly through the security center mobile app.

Know Who Is Accessing Your Facilities at All Times

Get critical information whether viewing live door or running historical reports. Any individual access can be cross-referenced aganist stored cardholder pictures and live or recorded video.

Automate Access Control Right Management

Keep physical access control rights up to date and always enforced with little operator intervention thanks to automated synchronization with your active directory server.

Enhance Decision Making

Get the information you need to take the right decisions, allowing security center to consolidate information from your access control, video and intrusion systems.