Disaster Recovery


Disasters don't strike with a warning and that's why its called a "disaster". Is your business prepared to recover from a disaster whether its a terrorist attack, natural disaster or accidental damage to the IT infrastructure? How soon can you recover from the disaster? Many business often don't realize the soft costs like productivity loss and ignore the DR or business continuity planning because they never faced such issues in the past and ofter BCP expenses not cost justified. Quantum specializes in building the DR environment that can be leveraged in active use while not under a disaster. This makes the cost justification very easy and protects the business against disasters.


Initially this new technology was designed around large enterprises with large budgets who could afford to duplicate their entire server environment somewhere else. What we've done is created a solutions for small and medium businesses that enables you to tap into new cloud technology to completely replicate your server environment for a fraction of the cost that large enterprises would consider spending.