Managed Services

Why Managed Services?

Today's enterprises depend on the availability and performance of their mission-critical business applications. If these applications suffer from degradations in performance or fail completely, companies are subject to lost revenue and decreased customer satisfaction. In order to avoid these undesirable outcomes, IT departments must adopt effective monitoring strategies without intensifying the problems or breaking the bank in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO).


Quantum managed services through remote support, gives amazing freedom to our clients which allows them to focus on running the business while we manage their critical IT lifeline. We can meet the most difficult IT challenges of any organization with outsourcing remote support and keep their business trouble free and kicking on 24 X 7 X 365 basis!.

Quantum Managed Services Offerings


     Network remote management.

     MS Backend Infrastructure remote management.

     Exchange and active directory remote management.

     Remote Monitoring.

     Internal & External security Remote management.

     Backup and restore monitoring.

     Operating systems remote management.

     Minor Release remote Management.

     Shared folders remote management.

     Availability & Capacity remote Management.


Quantum Managed Services Benefits


     Increasing the Productivity for the users.

     Reducing the Burden of IT Administration.

     Improving Fault Tolerance to Minimize Downtime.

     Enhancing Security to Provide Better Peace of Mind.

     Leveraging the Capabilities of Applications.

     Outstanding service performance.

     Protecting against incidents impacting visible service to users/customers.

     Less downtime – Equipment with remote monitoring is restored, on average, 20% faster due to quicker problem detection and notification, bette diagnosis and more rapid             initiation of repair.

     Cost effectiveness- Clients can focus resources on higher value activities.

     Accurate problem diagnosis- Cases detected and diagnosed through remote monitoring have shown an almost 100% record of fixing the problem for the first time, due to the             availability of detailed diagnostic information.

     Automated Support- Using the tools delivered through the Service Essentials Remote Support Pack plug-in, you can automate your entire support process for fault detection and             automatically generate support requests.

     Being proactive- Since remote monitoring avoids potential disruptions caused by unplanned downtime, you can operate in a proactive manner. Instead of reacting to problems, you             monitor activity and plan interventions at your convenience.

     IT operations integration- Getting an integrated view of all the IT operations to streamline and improve management.