Digital Signage

The Concept

Reddening the concept of Digital Signage; a state of the art fusion of hardware and software,Quantm's Digital Signage solution allows corporations to connect with its customers through an exceptional network of digital displays. The prime aim of this product is to leverage your business by providing the right message, to the right person at the right time. Donatello is a Digital Signage player managed by Our Digital Signage Solution delivers high dedentition videos and images, live TV, RSS Feeds, Stock Tickers, integration tools, scheduling and more, all from one central location, at anytime, anywhere..


     Flexible template design & scheduling.

     Live TV Streaming.

     Plug & Play Devices.

     High Definition Videos & Images.

     Alert Notifications.

     Centralized Real Time Updates.

     RSS Feeds, Financial Tickers, Weather & Time.

     Integration Services Tool.



With our Digital Signage Solutions, we provide a unique opportunity to our partners in creating interactive media experiences that empowers you with far more than just a simple media controller.


Interactivity is the sum of all parts that, if positive, creates the engagement of your customers with your brand or message.


The Server application, allows a seamless integration with third party solutions and products so as to take advantage of the best available technologies.


All devices can be connected to a private cloud that would allow the management of its content from one single point and in any location.


Changing the content of the display in real time and hence creates a truly engaging experience for your customer.



     Web-based Applications.

     Content Moderation.

     User Management.

     Multi-language Support.

     Network Monitoring.

     Player Grouping.

     24/7 operations.

     Resolution Independence.

     Unlimited Backup Redundancy.

     Live Playback.

     Wide variety of transitions.

     Pre Designed Templates.