Your network is the cornerstone of your business, connecting employees across sites and countries. As networks grow the challenges grow increasingly more complex, increasing the number of users and the addition of new services eats up more of your precious bandwidth. We ensure your network is capable of meeting your business objectives.


We combine the hardware, expertise and services for your organisation's needs to design and deploy secure networks built with your business objectives in mind. Our network services have been deployed across hundreds of networks in the private and public sector.


We deploy a variety of complicated network infrastructure services from switching and wireless to WAN applications and advanced network solutions. We work with some of the world's largest manufacturers of networking equipment earning us recognition as a Cisco Partner.

Drive your network strategy forward with Quantum networking solutions

Quantum Inc. provides networking solutions which are best-of-breed solutions that harness the power of convergence and accelerate business growth at a lower total cost of ownership.


Using industry best practices, best-in-class tools and a proven methodology, networking assessments provide a holistic review of your current architecture, stability and overall performance, identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement.


Achieve a complete view for your data, security and telephony infrastructure. A network management strategy gives your network a plan to allocate upcoming technology investments and guarantees that your network can support your future business needs.


With accreditations from some of the world's largest networking manufacturers our network consultants are focused on designing infrastructures that align to your business, technical and financial goals.


Our on-site implementation service provides experienced, expert resources and cost-options for managing network deployment and infrastructure.


Our network monitoring and management keeps you in control, our KW based engineers hold industry certifications around security, event response and remote management of critical network infrastructures.


Network Connectivity & Security

     LAN & WAN: Quantum offers range of core and access switches which supports entry-level branch offices to Campus and Data Center applications.

     Wireless Access: Quantum offers cost-effective and scalable wireless network solutions.

     Internet Connectivity: Multiple, redundant connections provide the community with access to the Internet at an aggregate speed.

     Remote Access & VPN Services: Quantum offers access control solutions to enforce role based access control to the network.Authenticating users to connect to the network from             outside of campus, as if they were on campus, and encrypts the information sent to the network.

     Firewalls: Quantum offers Support on all kinds of Firewalls (CISCO Ironport, WatchGuard, Barracuda,Fortinet ...).