Backup and Storages


Regardless of the complexity of the systems you manage, Quantum backup and storage can deliver the capability and functionality you need to protect Windows® or Linux servers, workstations and laptops, or virtual environments. From on-premise image backups for standalone machines to High Availability (HA) off-site image backups, Quantum's backup and storage solution provides a selection of comprehensive products that protect operating systems, applications, configurations, settings and data.


To deliver our customers a wide selection of dependable backup and storage options, Quantum Backup Solutions has collaborated closely with best-in-class IT backup, storage and data recovery providers with extensive product lines that offer an array of features and functionalities. Through these integrations, Our backup and storage solution can provide data protection and recovery from physical and virtual machines, including those in the cloud. Whether Windows or Linux, we've got you covered!


  • Deploy
  • Install the Business Backup client on your office and home computers. All data is backed up to a single Business Backup acount for easy management.

  • Protect
  • Choose which files and directories to backup and create a schedule. Your backups happen automatically and reliably.

  • Recover
  • If disaster strikes, quickly recover all your files, or, just the ones you need. If you accidentally deleted a document, or want to view an older version, restore it with Business Backup.


         Your data is 100% private and secure and not accessible to anyone but you.

         Your data is sent directly to a secure external location. This eliminates dangers like theft and fire, which do affect local (tape, disk) backups.

         Your data is 100% private and secure and not accessible to anyone but you.

         Restoring your data in a fast and easy way.

         High availability.

    Storage Solution

    Solutions designed to meet the capacity, performance and availability requirements of all your business applications whether those applications sit inside virtualized or non-virtualized environments. Everything from SAN, NAS and Solid State Disks down to Slow Dense SAS or SATA Disk-based storage frames or a combination of both.



         Oracle SUN